Firefly Frenzy

Firefly Frenzy Slot Game Review

You might worry that there was something in your tea when you load up this online slot game, but don’t worry, it really is that colourful. Play’n Go has a reputation for making detailed, colourful and well-designed video slot games, and this surely has to be up there with their best. We present you with the Firefly Frenzy slot game. The moody trees, the glowing mushrooms, the mystical gems and the magical flowers all add to the spooky, psychedelic atmosphere. So are there riches to be found out there in the enchanted forest, or will you end up chasing shadows? Let’s take a look.

Firefly Frenzy Slot Game Stats

While there may be a bucket load of magic and mystery in the styling, there’s nothing mysterious about the Firefly Frenzy slot game mechanics. This is a well-known layout for slots, with five reels and four rows, and 30 paylines on offer to help add to your bank balance. 

Finding three of a kind of any of these symbols is your ticket to a payout, with gemstones in the shape of the card suits representing the lower value symbols, while magical glowing flowers and mushrooms represent the higher value symbols in Firefly Frenzy slot game. With wagers from 0.30 credits all the way up to 90 credits possible, there’s a decent potential for large wins in the main game, adding up to an RTP of 96.59%

Firefly Frenzy Slot Game Wild Symbols

While all of these mechanics are fairly typical for modern slots, the wilds represent something slightly unusual. There are actually three kinds of wilds, which is where the eponymous fireflies come in. These fireflies aren’t actually Firefly Frenzy slot game’s symbols in their own right, and can land on top of other symbols to have different effects. 

The green ones can allow you to win up to 135 times your original stake, if you land five at once, while the orange and purple fireflies can multiply your winnings by two or three times respectively if you land them on winning symbols during Firefly Frenzy slot gameplay. These multipliers stack, so you can theoretically land several winning symbols with wilds on them, which can boost your winnings to 243x your stake. Aside from this function, the fireflies also play a part in the bonus rounds.

Firefly Frenzy Slot Game Feature Bonus

The scatter in this video slot game is a large, glowing moon, which can appear anywhere on the reels. If any of the fireflies land on this moon when it appears, it triggers the Frenzy Spins feature. This is a relatively simple bonus round, which initially allows you eight free spins. If the firefly that triggered the round has a multiplier attached to it, that multiplier applies to every win you land during these spins. 

Even better, if you manage to land another bonus round within the free spins on Firefly Frenzy video slot, your new multiplier is added to the existing one each time the round is re-triggered. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go on forever, and the maximum multiplier on the Firefly Frenzy slot is capped at 10,000 times your stake

That’s still a pretty astonishing figure, though, and well worth playing for. Firefly Frenzy slot game players will want to spend as much time as possible extending the bonus rounds to get the biggest bucks on offer in this game.

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