Rise of Olympus Slot Game Review

Rise of Olympus is a typically simplistic Play’n Go online slot game using a 5×5 grid and some very attractive stylised artwork based on Greek Mythology.

Akin to Viking Runecraft, Rise of Olympus uses a cascading win system that sees the player benefiting from winning symbols being replaced after each successive win and multiplier bonuses increase with each consecutive win.

Rise Of Olympus Online Game Theme

The popularity of Greek Mythology has waned a little in popular culture after Hollywood’s attempt to resurrect the Clash of the Titans series fell flat but Play’n Go’s take on some of the mythology’s iconic characters is very aesthetically pleasing.

Even those with limited knowledge of Ancient Greece will immediately recognise the Gods of Olympus and their iconography in this video slot game: Zeus and his thunderbolt, Poseidon and his trident and even the winged horse: Pegasus appear as win symbols.

Any players familiar with Play’n Go games will instantly recognise the art style and feel at home with this slot as the developer’s reputation continues to grow.

Betting And Winning On Rise Of Olympus Video Slot

Depending on the casino host, Rise of Olympus slot game is usually set up as a 0.20 minimum wage with an upper ceiling of 100 per spin with RTP set at 96.5% which is slightly above the average for an online slot. The 5×5 grid features twenty win lines across verticals and horizontals with the core objective being to match three symbols in a row.

The basic symbols of the video slot include thunderbolts, harps, tridents and helmets which pay out on a standard tier and the high value symbols: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades each have their own unique effect on the playing board.

As part of the Hand of God featurette: Zeus destroys any two sets of symbols, Poseidon conjures the Wild Pegasus symbols and Hades transforms sets of symbols to increase the likelihood of matching the minimum 3.

Rise Of Olympus Online Slot Game Features

In addition to the God symbols affecting the board, Rise of Olympus slot game also has a number of features that maximise the player’s potential returns. Each consecutive win adds 1x to the stacking multiplier and the luckiest among us could see up to 5000x their stake returned on a single spin.

Alongside the Hand of God game feature comes the Wrath of Olympus bonus which is triggered once enough God symbols have been matched to fill the charge meters. In this slot game’s feature, a free spin is awarded with all of the God effects launching at once giving the player a great chance of winning big.

Rise Of Olympus Free Spins Feature

This is truly Rise of Olympus slot game’s party piece as one of the God symbols can be selected after the grid is cleared to action a set number of free spins with their ability active.

Not only is this incredibly generous, but the multiplier will never reset during a run of free spins, additional free spins can be triggered by charging the meters and clearing the board during free spins awards an immediate 100x stake payout.

Rise Of Olympus Game Verdict

Despite seeming so familiar on our initial inspection here at RoyalKasino77, Rise of Olympus video slot game is an excellent online slot that pays out well and seems to play in the favour of the player from the very first stake.

You can play Rise Of Olympus at EagleBet.