The Sword And The Grail Slot Game Review

The game features a theme that takes inspiration from the medieval tales of quests to find the holy grail, and the medieval aesthetical elements are present in the form of symbols and characters: a kind, swords, knights, a princess, a magician and many other elements make this game brought to you by Play’n Go a very amusing and interesting game for you to test.

The game features a standard grid format of 5×3 but that doesn’t mean the game is average in terms of quality: the grid features quite beautiful symbols and the way the board ‘reacts’ to the combos and the spins is very exciting and interesting.

The audio effects are also of good quality, which means the general evaluation of our team about the audio-visual effects is positive.

The Sword And The Grail Slot Menu: Analysis

Our team of reviewers believe that a good menu is the key to a smooth betting experience, and the game left us a good impression as you can set the bets in terms of money and don’t have to waste time thinking in terms of levels and coin sizes per payline.

The Sword And The Grail Online Slot Gameplay

It is very easy to spin the reels after you set the financial aspects of the bets, and if you spin the reels and stop them very fast, the game will offer you the option to play in a ‘fast mode’ which can be interesting for slots fans that want to accelerate the gameplay without using the autoplay mode which can feel kind of overly passive.

The Sword And The Grail Game Bonus Feature

The Holy Grail acts as a special wild that triggers a multiplier feature; if you land it, it may reward you with multiplies of 2x, 5x, 10x, and 100x depending on how many of those you land.

The Sword And The Grail Free Spins

The game may reward you with free spins via a special feature: this feature affects the game by collecting swords and the collector will unlock four different stages that can benefit you a lot with free rounds to bet.

Analysis of the Bonuses

The Holy Grail feature and the free spins make an interesting package of ‘internal bonuses’, i.e. bonuses that are given by the game’s internal system instead of being a ‘promotion of the house’. As we have thousands of slot games out there these days – especially those featuring medieval themes – we must tell the average from the outstanding ones, and in that sense, The Sword and The Grail Slot Game is quite interesting and generous.

The game offers the potential to win a jackpot of 500x the original bet size, and that combined with the RTP of 96% makes the game very interesting for slots fans that focus on the numbers. If you are fond of the theme, the numbers make it a very interesting package.

The Sword And The Grail Summary

The game is a bit better than the average games featuring medieval themes, and analysing the full package, i.e. the design of the symbols, the menu design, the music, the beauty of the symbols and the numbers of the game we have a game that surely is a worth a test in case you never tested it before.