How To Play Slot Games

Online slot games have evolved from the classic fruit machines that are the heart and soul of physical casinos. Digital games work to the same principles as their real-life counterparts but because they are online, software developers are able to introduce a whole host of additional features.

If you’ve yet to discover the entertainment provided by online slots, here’s how they work.

Slots Base Games

There are thousands of slots online and, while all will work slightly differently, they generally adhere to the same principles. Firstly, there is a base game where players need to line up matching symbols along a payline to activate cash prizes. Symbols can usually be separated into two sections.

The higher paying images will relate to the theme of the game while others will be generic icons – usually letters and numbers from a standard pack of playing cards. Every slot game should have a paytable where the value of each symbol is shown.

Slot Games Bonus Features

The vast majority of online slot games will have bonus features and this is where the bigger prizes can be found.

Most titles have a wild symbol and its job is to match other images and form a winning combination if possible. This special symbol should be obvious and is often marked with the word wild so players really can’t miss it. It can replace all symbols with the exception of a scatter which is the gateway to more bonus features.

A scatter is so-called because it doesn’t have to drop onto the reels in a specific order. Players will usually need three or more scatters to land, anywhere in view, and a bonus round will activate. This bonus can vary but in the majority of cases, a free spins round will be activated.

As the name suggests, a series of free spins will follow and there may be extra features in this section such as additional wilds.

There can be alternatives to the free spins round and these might include a pick game where players click on images to reveal a cash prize or additional bonuses.

Wheel of Fortune games are also common and these wheels will spin to reveal your rewards.

Each slot is different and there will be subtle twists to every title but those are the standard base game and bonus features that can be found. Now it’s time to take them for a spin.

How To Play Online Casino Slots

Slot games are easy to follow and most will issue a guide that walks you through the gameplay.

Some casinos will also publish no deposit bonuses so players can trial a slot game, risk-free, while they establish their own personal favourites.

Alternatively, many online slot games can be played with small stakes so that players can practise good bankroll management while they test out a selection of titles.

With so much choice and so many different themes available, it’s quick and easy to play a number of slots before building up a roster of your own preferred games.