MegaBucks Online Slot Game Review

MegaBucks, a title developed by IGT (International Game Technology), is one of the most famous progressive slots in the world and is renowned for having one of the largest potential jackpots. Beginning life in the bricks and mortar casinos of Vegas, MegaBucks variations are now found across the globe, with thousands of casino fans hoping to scoop a jackpot which starts at $10 million.

MegaBucks Progressive Jackpot Explained

Each time MegaBucks online slot game is played, the maximum progressive jackpot is added to. While the jackpot may be capped, players who scoop it are guaranteed a six-figure sum at the very least. The most successful MegaBucks player to date managed to scoop an incredible $39.7 million back in 2003 so there is definitely an opportunity to win large prizes here. Of course, it’s worth considering the odds of winning such a prize. In short, the MegaBucks jackpot should be considered as a lottery. According to IGT sources, the odds of landing all three MegaBucks logos on a spin are somewhere in the region of 1 to 49 million.

While this might seem incomprehensible, it’s worth considering that the odds which are on offer here are still significantly shorter than those of winning a Powerball or National Lottery jackpot. The reason for this is because MegaBucks is such a popular game that it is theoretically profitable to play even when you don’t hit the highs of the progressive jackpot. If you’re holding out for life-changing sums of money with every spin you might be disappointed, but the game offers plenty of fun and more than enough payouts to make it a worthwhile title to consider.

MegaBucks Slot Game Features And Variations

MegaBucks is a five-reel slot with a few variations, most notably the mini-progressive jackpots in the form of Mini Bucks, Minor Bucks, Major Bucks and finally Max Bucks. These features are triggered when you land two or more progressive symbols on a spin. When this happens, the spin turns into a gold bar which takes up the entire reel.

Prizes can range from anywhere between $10 to $500 for landing two or more of these progressive symbols. The longer the prizes go unclaimed, the larger the prize pots become. There are a couple of variations on the MegaBucks game currently available, including the following: MegaBucks Wild Sapphires: a six-reel slot with a three-wheel Mega Game feature above the standard gameplay reels. MegaBucks Pink Diamonds: this version incorporates a Wheel of Fortune style feature to make gameplay a little bit more interesting.

Can I Play MegaBucks Online?

One of the most asked questions regarding MegaBucks is can I play MegaBucks online and unfortunately the answer is no. IGT has yet to release an online version of this popular slots title, which means that players who wish to play it will have to visit a participating traditional bricks-and-mortar casino. However, that doesn’t mean that gamer’s from New Zealand and elsewhere in the world can’t enjoy playing online slots titles with progressive jackpots. Some of the most popular online progressive slots include Mega Moolah (by Microgaming), Mega Jackpots (by IGT, the creator of MegaBucks) and Mega Fortune (by NetEnt).