Wheel Of Fortune Online Slot Game Review

Themed around the popular TV show of the same name, Wheel of Fortune is a classic slot game developed by IGT and available both online and as a slot machine in pubs, arcades, and land-based casinos. There are multiple versions of Wheel of Fortune around, so today we’re looking at Wheel of Fortune: Triple Extreme Spin, which is the most popular Wheel of Fortune game on the market.

The slot features five reels and 720 ways to win, making it a fast-based and action-packed game that will appeal to players who like to pack as many spins into one evening. It offers some fantastic features and bonuses and it’s no surprise that this fun, fast game is still one of IGT’s most popular slots despite its land-based version dating back as far as 1996.

Wheel Of Fortune Video Slot Gameplay

The Wheel of Fortune slot features unusually shaped reels in a kind of 3-4-5-4-3 configuration, making the paylines difficult to make out but also contributing to the incredibly generous 720 paylines that the game offers. The game’s music and visuals are perhaps an acquired taste, compared to the hi-res graphics of many modern online slots, today they look a little dated and show the game’s history in land-based slot machines. That said, the gameplay itself is still pretty fun and for players more interested in mechanics than polish, this can easily be made up for by special features.

Slot Game Special Geatures

The biggest bonus feature is a bonus round which happens when you land three ‘Wheel of Fortune’ symbols on the reels. In the bonus round, you’ll have to choose envelopes to try and find diamonds hidden inside; these diamonds are essentially multipliers and free spins, which carry over the second part of the bonus round - in which you spin the famous Wheel of Fortune seen on TV to win cash. While it’s not necessarily a bonus round which is likely to result in big wins, it’s still a really fun addition and something that keeps you wanting to play the game more, and it’s the most thematic part of the game in terms of reflecting what happens in the show.

Mobile Play

Wheel of Fortune is available to play across all kinds of devices including smartphones and tablets running both iOS and Android. It runs smoothly even in mobile web, so players don’t need to worry if they like to play while on the go - Wheel of Fortune can be played anywhere that you have a decent internet connection.

Wheel Of Fortune Return To Player

The Return to Player (RTP) of Wheel of Fortune is 96.08%, which means that for every $100 you spend playing the game you’re likely to make around $96.08p back. This is pretty bang on average for a modern online slot game, so your chances of making a profit on Wheel of Fortune are just as good as they are for most other slot games - though a few do offer RTPs of 97% or higher, so gamers looking to curb house edge to a minimum might look elsewhere.