Müller and Löw dance to different tune following “Der Klassiker”

Germany: Bundesliga

FC Bayern R. Lewandowski (26), R. Lewandowski (Pen. 44), L. Goretzka (88), R. Lewandowski (90)

Allianz Arena4-2

Dortmund E. Håland (2), E. Håland (9)

By Peter Vice

Naturally, Bundestrainer Joachim Löw watched Saturday’s Bundesliga top-clash from the VIP seats. Obviously, the German national team coach couldn’t expect to avoid questions about Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng, and Thomas Müller after watching all three of them live. 

The 60-year-old trainer chose his words carefully after the match.

Thomas Müller did not. 

Thomas Müller.
Thomas Müller.

Jogi Löw sought to reaffirm his position on the state of the German Nationalmannschaft in a Sky Interview following Saturday’s Bayern-Dortmund fixture. 

“I already made it clear a few days ago,” Löw said, referencing an interview appearing in the Monday print edition of German footballing magazine Kicker, “One shouldn’t completely break off a rebuilding process. Of course, one can still think about it.”

“The European Championship is its own individual competition,” Löw then also somewhat noncommittally, “It’s obvious that you want to take the team that gives you the best chances for success.”

Löw did provide some specifics about the possibility about not calling up the likes of Hummels, Boateng, and Müller for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers this month, but then reaching out for them when it comes time to fight for the European crown. 

The Bundestrainer indicated that he would have no qualms about inserting them back into his starting XI after a long layoff. In principle, they could resume their old places on the depth chart.

“When you bring back players like that, you have to give them a clear responsibility,” Löw noted, “Then, of course, they’re seeded.”

While Löw partook in the delicate dance, Thomas Müller (true to form) didn’t shy away from the full ramba-samba.

“I feel like chasing titles this summer,” Müller told the Sky microphones, “the desire to join up with the lads of this generation is great, but you knew that already.”

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